Scherenschnitte  (Paper Cutting)

Paper Cuttings of Photographs, Traditional Scherenschnitte Patterns & Custom Cuttings of Photographs.  Each Paper Cutting is Individually Hand Cut.

About Us

My name is Ali Logeais.  I live in south Minneapolis, with my husband Mike, our daughters Sara and Abby are both in college, 3 cats and a dog.  My start in paper cutting was truly a gift from Gram'ma.

   For years I've had the same story here by the picture of Gram'ma and I; telling about the afternoon (when she was just 92 years old) we spent together telling stories, laughing, and her teaching me the "right" way to do Scherenschnitte (Paper Cutting). As I was preparing to leave that afternoon, she very ceremoniously picked up her box of supplies - a glass to cut on, an x-acto knife, a whole bunch of blades and some patterns - and handing it to me said "Please continue, I can't see well enough to do it anymore."  As you can tell, I did as she said!  For the past 10 years I have been cutting away, and for most of those Gram'ma had to approve a cutting before I could put it into a show.

It is with a great mixture of emotions that we celebrated Gram'ma moving on.  Knowing how long she had been waiting to see Gram'pa - it brings me great joy to think of them together again.  At the same time, very selfishly, I am really going to miss that wonderful woman.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that if you can't adequately thank someone for their generosity, than pass it (the generosity) forward in their honor.  With that said, please know that each and every paper cutting I have ever done (or will do) was done in thanks to Gram' for the the incredible gift she gave me that afternoon and all throughout my life.

.Ali Logeais