Scherenschnitte  (Paper Cutting)

Paper Cuttings of Photographs, Traditional Scherenschnitte Patterns & Custom Cuttings of Photographs.  Each Paper Cutting is Individually Hand Cut.

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AliCut Animal Alphabets

These intricate, hand-cut, paper cuttings, are based on the traditional German  Scherenschnitte (share-n-SCHNIT-a).  The full alphabet is cut from one piece of paper, matted in either black or white, with a glass front and a black frame.  Each of the single letters is indiviually cut from a delicate paper, Plexiglass protects the unattached portions of the detailed work while allowing the image to subtly change.

Animal Alphabet with White Mat

Dimensions: 11.5" X 11.5" Mat Opening

                      20.5" X 20.5"  Frame



AliCut Animal Alphabet with White Mat

AliCut Animal Alphabet with Black Mat

Letters may be ordered Individually to be Matted and Framed

Dimensions:  3.5" X 3.5" Mat Opening

7" X 7"  Frame

$40.00 each

Or You Can Order a Name to Be Custom Cut For You:

Dimensions:  8" X 15" Frame

$75.00 for 3 Letter Name, $6.95 Each Additional Letter

Custom Orders of Names are covered with Plexiglass and have a Black Frame, they are not Matted.

Due to the handcrafted nature of these products, slight variations might occur.

To order, choose an animal  from the photo albums below to accompany each letter from the Animal Alphabets, then send us an e-mail.  Please include your e-mail address and/or phone number so that we may contact you regarding payment, before the cutting is made.  For names with duplicate letters, choose an animal style for each letter - either both the same or two different animals; if two different animals are selected, the artist will determine the placement for best results.