Scherenschnitte  (Paper Cutting)

Paper Cuttings of Photographs, Traditional Scherenschnitte Patterns & Custom Cuttings of Photographs.  Each Paper Cutting is Individually Hand Cut.

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Photographs are a mometo of a vey specific time.  By using the photograph as a pattern for

a paperc cutting, it becomes a two dimensional portal to all of the memories you have of that

particular place - or person, rather than the specific day the photograph was taken.


When doing a custom cutting, I like to talk over the photograph that I will be doing the cutting of, while

we both are looking at it.  That way, any specific details you want included won't be missed, and

possibly some artistic license can be used to eliminate or slightly change some details (i.e., a bigger/

smaller fish on the end of the line?).   Photographs may be e-mailed to me, or sent through the

mail, and once I receive them I will call to discuss the details of the cutting you have in mind.


The pictures displayed here are to give you an idea of some of the custom cuttings I have done

in the past.  The picture on the left shows the photograph I started with and the picture on the right

shows the final cutting.  These are custom orders that I have done in the past and mose are not for

sale.  (If they appear elsewhere on the website, they are available.)


Split Rock Light House



Red Barn



Home 2


Gas Station


Out Fishing

World's Greatest Dad