Scherenschnitte  (Paper Cutting)

Paper Cuttings of Photographs, Traditional Scherenschnitte Patterns & Custom Cuttings of Photographs.  Each Paper Cutting is Individually Hand Cut.



We’ve been doing Art Fairs for about 8 years; but I will always remember our first summer…  I remember that one of the first things one of my daughters said as she looked around at all the tents was “this is like a whole village.”  Truer words have never been spoken.  It didn’t take long for me to realize just how much of a “village” each Art Fair actually was.  I would like to take the time here to acknowledge just a few of those people that helped me through the years with the sharing of little things they had learned throughout their years of doing Art Fairs, the comfort of a hot cup of coffee at the beginning of a day before a show opened, the help of quickly taking a show down before a storm came thundering in, the joy of blasting some jazz while taking a show down just because that’s what the day called for, comforting me when I sold a piece of art I wasn’t truly ready to let go of yet.    In short, I’d like to honor those in “the village” that have helped raise me to be the Artist that I am today, there are hardly to words to express my appreciation.  So, what I’d like to do is ask any of you that are looking at this on my website to visit these Artists whether it be at Art Fairs you happen to go to, or at the websites that I have listed with their information.  Each and every one of them is an incredible Artist and an even more awesome person; please BUY SOMETHING FROM THEM so they can continue in the business. 

 I am also listing people that have been truly inspirational to me throughout the years, encouraging me to try different things and continue cutting paper.  A few are no longer with us, but are no less deserving of the recognition.  

   Obviously the people that deserve the utmost recognition for inspiration and support are my husband Mike and our daughters Abby and Sara.  They have been my cheering squad, my jury on each and every cutting, as well as my Art Slaves at the Fairs – loading, setting up, taking down, and unloading.  But most of all they have been the most incredible family anyone could ever think of having.  I love all of you so much, and I am so grateful to have you all in my life.




The next person would be Clara Swenson without whom I never would have picked up a scissor or an x-acto knife!  Thank you so very much Gram’ma for giving me the gift of paper cutting, the gift to explore what else I might do, and the gift to recognize I had the courage to become an Artist.






 The next person that comes to mind would be the infamous Patti Pate.  I had the privilege of meeting Patti at one of my earliest Art Fairs.  This very classy, extremely small woman strolled into my booth stood in the very center and looked around at just about every piece I had hanging up, not saying a word; I had no idea who she was, but I recognized that I should not say a word until her perusal was complete.  She then turned to me and nodded once, reached out her hand to shake mine and introduced herself.  I about melted, this was someone whose work I had admired for years standing right before me; and she had looked at mine and given me a nod of approval!  That was a day and a half all in about 5 minutes!  We had a wonderful conversation once I got over my fumble mouth full of adoration.  She was an absolutely incredible woman that, as she said “out-lived all of the department stores.”

 I could go on with a story about each and every one of the Artists that have inspired and encouraged me throughout the years, but I realize that it just turns into a bunch of words when a person goes on and on, so I won’t.  There are only two that I have to mention specifically by name, and that is because I am completely biased and they happen to have become very good friends of mine in the last several years.


We have all heard that with the digital cameras and phones everyone is a photographer.  I am here to state THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE.  If you have the opportunity, check out Ellen Empson and Vince Quast.  Just looking at their websites will back up my statement.  They are two of the most talented photographers I have ever seen, and trust me doing Art Fairs, I’ve seen a couple.  I have watched both taking photographs and it appears they are normal human beings, until you see the finished picture.  It really is amazing.  As I said they are both good friends of mine and I may be a tad biased, but I have been told throughout the years that I have impeccable taste.  (Actually I’ve been told I was a snob, but I think it sounds better the way I put it.)  In short, take a minute to check out their work, it’s worth your time!


Ellen Empson


Vince Quast

    Leif & Meg have been friends of my family for a long time, and I have been in awe of their talents and abilities for many years.  These two people were the first people in the world that introduced me to someone and said “She is an Artist.”  Although they probably aren’t aware of it, it made me cry at the time.  It also allowed me, from then on, to say the same about myself.  Such a simple thing – yet such a huge step.  Stop in and see them if you’re in St. Croix Falls, their shop is wonderful, and their talent, well, indescribable.

From here I am just going to give you the names and some information about some of the most incredible people, most just happen to be Artists; that have played a part great or small, in helping me to get to where I am today.  If you see them at Art Fairs stop in their booths (if nothing else, tell them hello for me), take the time to look around; they are some really talented people.











There are many more people that I will be adding as I get their information.

 I would like to end this with a quote my daughter shared with me the other day, it sums things up nicely. 

 “Today is life. The only life we’re sure of.  Make the most of it.”

 (Buy some Art.)

 Thank you all for your support over the years.  My family and I truly appreciate it.


Ali Logeais